Monday, April 23, 2012


Baptist Theological Academy (BTA), an intensive theological education center, equips generations of Christians to be useful ministers of God. Indeed, its fundamental teaching on the word of God, from a dispensational perspective, creates a bright hope for educating earnest students of the Bible and also leads them into an ideal pathway toward Christ-likeness.

BTA is committed to train faithful men and women to be able teach others also (2 Tim 2:2) and helps them achieve its goal to be approved of God, and not of men (2Tim. 2: 15). BTA also is committed to mold and shape its pupils to abide by Christian disciplines which will make them useful vessel in the Master's hands. In contrast to the rapid rise of doctrinal declines in Christianity, BTA takes a stand for Christ- centered academy so as to rightly divide the word of truth in order not to be ashamed (2Tim. 2: 15). For God's word and to the Glory of God, BTA stands!

If the above statements of purposes are the sincere desires you are longing for, BTA is a right place for you. The faculty members are ready to equip you and we give you a word that you will no doubt count the high value of your endeavor. But, taking a journey at BTA will not be easy and it will rather be an adventure. Though the steps you take and the taste you feel may seem bitter for awhile, yet studying and learning together with us at BTA will make your dream come true!

Therefore if you are called of God to study His word and looking for a sound theological institution which will bring blessings to both your spiritual life and ministry, we encourage you to join with us in BTA for in-depth study of God's word.